Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Last year, I lived in a pair of little black wedge booties from H&M. The poor things have some battle-scars, and since now my shoe collection has quadrupled, they mostly just sit, lonely and ignored, on a shelf in my closet.

Instead of tossing 'em, I decided to turn them into a project and give them a quick polish and 
a new lease on life...on the cheap. 


Jeffrey Campbell Studded Wedge Boot
By the way, you know you have a shopping addiction when you get as excited in a hardware store as you do in a shoe store. But ANYWAY... after rifling through many bins of tacks, nails, and fasteners, I settled on some brass tacks. Well, 320 of them, to be exact.

And using my trusty kelly clamps, I push-pinned my way to some new studded booties:

I can't say they won't still sit in my closet (after all, they don't meet my now-standard of 3.75" from the ground), but with this little rejuvenation, they stayed out of the trash to once again see the 
light outside my closet.

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  1. gail, i own those EXACT same booties and also wear the hell out of them. refurbing them is an awesome idea!!


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